Our Story


"I was inspired to start Wee Acorns because I believed there was a gap in nursery provision.  I wanted Wee Acorns to be the sort of nursery I wished there was when my own children were younger.  I wanted it to be personal and informal, with children of all ages able to interact together like a real family, rather than segregated into set age groups.  I strongly believed that this was a more natural way for children to grow and learn, the young ones learning from the older ones, the older ones learning how to be nurturing and caring towards the younger ones.  I believed that what was needed was a more human and homely atmosphere and size, to make children feel comfortable and secure, as a natural step between home and school.  So, seeing that this did not exist, I set out to create it in my garden.

The children at Wee Acorns know all of our staff really well, and vice versa, so there are no awkward transitions to another room when a child has a birthday. We are all in the same room!"

  - Susan Deeming, Nursery Proprietor