Our Philosophy


At the centre of our philosophy is our belief that some of the richest opportunities for learning come from one child playing and interacting with another. As a result of our mixed-age approach to early education, not only do we achieve a feeling of homeliness and informality, but we also provide an environment where every child is naturally engaging with children of different ages who are therefore at a totally different stage of development, with different skills and interests. We find that our older children learn to become nurturing, patient and empathetic individuals themselves as they take pleasure in helping to care for their younger friends; whilst younger children frequently engage in behaviours and activities which we would not typically expect of a child their age, such as taking enjoyment from playing with (rather than alongside) their peers.

In order to make the most of this interaction, we then make sure that we provide the children with lots of different experiences. The children spend time outside every day, and we ensure that they have access to resources which reflect their interests which provides opportunities to explore and deepen their understanding. We also regularly visit places outside the nursery - from exploring the Laigh Hills, visiting local play parks and the library; to trips further afield such as getting the train to Bridge of Allan for an ice cream or visiting the museum.

We couple this approach with a commitment with embedding the latest research and approaches to early education within our practice. We have a team of dedicated, experienced staff with a broad range of knowledge and skills which we are able to share with each other. We also access the excellent training opportunities provided to us within our Local Authority and work closely with other early years settings throughout Stirling to share ideas and good practice.